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To: Afghanistan, from: T'ville

September 05, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- A group of preschoolers in Thomasville are sending care packages to refugees in Afghanistan.

A lesson on Afghanistan is turning into a humanitarian mission for Aiden Forgey and his classmates. "We have a notebook, and candy, and a bracelet and a pencil. They just don't have anything for school, that's why we're sending them this," he says.

The kids learned about Afghanistan through Tim Watkins, a Thomas County sheriff's investigator who knows their teacher. "He's over there with the National Guard, and he asked for support from Thomasville," says Teacher, Becky Felts.

But the children are going beyond support. They're getting personal with their mission. "Each child made a card with their picture. And they drew a picture, and they told a little about themselves," says Felts.

A personal touch to accompany the most personal of feelings with a heartfelt care package. "Makes you feel a little sad," says four year old, Margo Rainey. "I like helping other people," adds Forgey. Mission accomplished when the packages arrive in about two weeks.

All of the supplies for the care packages were donated by a local store owner.


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