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South Georgia Doctors take supplies to MS

September 4, 2005

Albany- Two South Georgia doctors are providing hospitals along with gulf with much needed supplies. Phoebe Northwest collected goods and medical supplies for hospitals in Mississippi.

Dr. Gerald Beinhauer reached the medical staff at Memorial Hospital of Gulfport to find they were in need of scrubs, linens, water, medication, and more. Supplies aren't getting through, so he and another doctor packed up their truck and trailer.

"They said that if there was any way we could get the materials directly to the hospitals, that would help them out a lot. A lot of people are donating, but it doesn't seem like it gets there as quickly as they want," said Dr. Gerald Beinhauer, Family Medicine Resident.

The hospital also asked for baby items, like formula, diapers and wipes. More than 300 hospital personnel have not shown up for work. The hurricane team has been working since last Sunday with few breaks.



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