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One man's effort sends bottled water to Katrina victims

September 3, 2005

Albany- Hundred of Georgia National Guard troops will depart this weekend with 17 flatbed trucks for the ravaged Gulf Coast region. It was the work of a civilian and one of Albany's leading manufacturers that could provide the most relief.

The 32 ounce bottles on Miller Brewing's lines in Albany are use to a much stronger brew. These lines have been watered down to help Katrina's victims.

"We had four thousand cases when Katrina hit, but as soon as we got word we shipped the four thousand cases, we also keep materials on hand so we ran another 45 hundred cases and shipped that," said Max Omar, Miller Supply Chain Manager.

Miller employees worked this holiday weekend to run 13 thousand more cases of water. They're loaded on these flatbed trailers bound for the gulf with the Georgia National Guard.

"We know it's a minimum of two weeks, we don't know exactly how long, but our mission is a transport mission," said Captain Alice Hampton, 1148th Transportation Company.

"I thought it was just ludicrous of somebody to take these trucks all the way to Mississippi with nothing on them and they didn't have anything to take," said W. Lamar Houston, Organizer.

So, former military man W. Lamar Houston organized his own mission. He started on the phone Wednesday. With family in Jasper, Mississippi he was personally touched by Katrina.

"Uncle Howard course lost his house, he lost his bank, he's lost his church, which he was head of," said Houston.

Ninety members of the 1148th Transportation Company in Thomasville departs Sunday for the relief effort to Camp Shelby. Their trucks now full of delicate cargo that's desperately needed.

"This is a little different, a little worrisome, but I think we'll be all right. We're taking precaution, so that the water's won't break by putting the cardboard on the sides to act as a filler," said Hampton.

"Those Chinook's will meet these tractor trailers at a military compound and be able to pick up this water and get it into areas that trucks can not get," said Houston.

It's a mission of mercy everyone was thankful to be apart of. "Absolutely, It makes all of us feel good that we can contribute to the disaster in the gulf," said Omar.

With the trucks leaving Thomasville Sunday, Miller Brewing will have sent a grand total of 291,648 32 ounce bottles of water to Katrina's victims.



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