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Roadside donations for Katrina victims

September 2, 2005

Albany- Katrina victims along the gulf region and here in South Georgia need life's necessities. The South Georgia Salvation Army is meeting that need. Trailers are set up along Albany's busiest roadways to collect supplies and to fulfill the need of local evacuees.

The South Georgia Salvation Army has teamed up with Chick-Fil-A and the Christian Motorcyclist Association to collect goods for gulf coast victims.

"We're taking money, money, money, and food, water, and baby items, female products, older folks products, just anything you can think of," said Trish Farmer, Christian Motorcyclists Association.

They picked this highly visible location along Dawson Road to raise awareness both for donations and for those victims who might need items.

"We will be collecting items as you see here, also anyone with a Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama driver's license that needs help, if we have the items we can help," said Travis Nevers, Salvation Army.

Katrina victims staying in local hotels have already stopped by for much needed items.

"We need like school supplies for the kids, we don't have anything we came down here with like two outfits thinking we were going to be able to leave and be able to go back, but we're not able to go back," said Chantrayer McDonald of New Orleans.

The McDonald family brought 14 members from New Orleans, including their sister in law Dana who's ready to give birth any day.

"I'm not too much worried about me, it's just the baby," said Dana McDonald of New Orleans.

Their kids will be starting school in Albany on Tuesday and they still need many necessities they just didn't bring.

"No socks, no underwear, no anything, we have nothing," said McDonald.

The Salvation Army is awaiting orders to take the trailer full of goods to one of the gulf's devastated areas. Until their ordered to go, they plan to continue the collection and pass out what they can to families in need.

Volunteer will collect goods at the Chick-Fil-A on Dawson Road and the corner of Slappey and Broad from ten to eight daily.



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