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Biloxi strip looks devastated

September 2, 2005

Biloxi -- We’re at a landmark gift shop, the big pink building called Shark’s head Gift shop. You know the kind, all the beaches have them.

They sell these little tags with people’s names on them. Ironically enough, we found this one buried I the mud, it’s for some one named Katrina. There’s nothing left of this gift shop, and the casinos that Biloxi is so well known for.

By law, the casinos have to be on water, so they are floating barges.

We took a driving tour down highway 90 to see what’s left, or what’s not left, of all those casinos. Driving east along Highway 90 from the gift shop, al that’s left of the pier are the pilings.

Even thought We’re heading east on Highway 90, We’re in the westbound lane, because the eastbound lanes are just gone. They are trying to clear the debris from in front of the Beau Rivage Hotel. Amazingly, the guitar in front of the Hard Rock Café, which is such a popular and well-known site, is OK.

But the Hard Rock Café Hotel faired pretty well, too. Many of the newer buildings, built under stricter codes, faired better than the older ones.

The Windjammer is still standing, though it did sustain damage. To the left of the Isle of Capri, and the Grand Casino, is another casino that is still on the barge, which was picked up and moved across Highway 90, and dropped there. Perhaps it rode the 26-foot wave in.

In front of us is another casino, still on the barge; again, it was moved across the road. There are more casinos in front of the Isle of Capri and the Grand Casino. The Grand sign is beat up, but still standing.

Approaching the Casino Magic, we see another casino on units barge, blown out of the water and across the highway. Debris is strewn everywhere. The Casino Magic took a hard hit; it’s got heavy damage.

The Isle of Capri is still standing, near where the Highway 90 Bridge has been destroyed.


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