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Car dealership organizes relief effort

September 2, 2005

Moultrie- South Georgians have been pouring into Robert Hutson's not focused on what they can purchase, but what they can give.

Tommy James' wife owns a hair salon; she donated truckload of items.

"She donated some paper plates, some water, some forks and spoons, and a lot of hair products and things of that nature," says James.

Dealership owner Robert Hutson says as soon as he put out the call for donations, people came rolling in.

"We've already sent one truck out yesterday. We're sending this truck out today, and probably more," Hutson says.

Andrew Whittaker says he and his family are heartbroken by the pictures of devastation in the Gulf. He stopped by to bring a truckload of clothes.

"It's pretty rough over in our country being that way. It looks like stuff that would happen overseas, but we all just need to come together. We can fight it, and we can beat it," says Whittaker.

"That's what America is about, looking after one another, helping one another, and supporting each other especially in a crisis," says Hutson.

Even if giving support means turning his attention away from his own business for a while, that's what Hutson says he will do.

The dealership will have semi-trucks set up to collect donations throughout the weekend, and all of next week.

Items Robert Hutson is collecting include the following:

Coolers for ice
Non-perishable food items
Paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper)
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Clothing and shoes of all sizes
Baby food and formula
Bug repellant
Over the counter medicine
Household cleaning items
Blankets and pillows
Air mattresses
Soap, shampoo, conditioner
Flashlights and batteries
Can openers
Bottled Water
Garbage Bags