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Tournament brings big money to S. Ga.

September 2, 2005

Valdosta - Thousands of softball players are hitting home runs for Lowndes County's economy. "They'll be a lot of money put into this community from outside sources," said Brockey Brock, Parks and Recreation Director.

Freedom Park is hosting the ASA National Men's Softball tournament this weekend. The event attracts athletes and spectators from all over the country. "They come from Maryland all the way down to Florida, Connecticut, Ohio," said Brock.

This year's attendance is the largest yet. "We've probably got about 2,500 people when you add in the players and coaches, then whoever they brought as family and spectators," said Brock.

And with 80 teams booking motel rooms, filling up their gas tanks, eating and shopping here, that's a big boost for our economy. "I'm thinking with gas, motels rooms, rent-a cars, I'm at about five grand and you can do the math there on what the revenue's going to be," said Louie Stall, Softball Player.

"A lot of these people have already talked about going out shopping, and going to Wild Adventures, those types of things, said Brock.

Past tournaments have brought a little over a million dollars to this area, and this year's total is expected to climb even higher. It's a chance for these guys to walk away with a national title, and leave this community with an economic grand slam.

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