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Frazier glad to be home

September 1, 2005 A

Albany - Former Westover standout Jada Frazier had just started her first fall semester last week at the University of New Orleans where she is on a basketball scholarship.

Frazier knows she will be playing basketball for the Privateers this season.

She just doesn't know when she will be returning to class.

Frazier though is glad she finally made it back to her Albany home.

On Wednesday, She flew home from Shreveport, Louisiana, where she was when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans.

Jada says University of New Orleans head coach Amy Champion told the team they needed to leave the city on Saturday with Hurricane Katrina approaching.

Jada though did not have a car so she called teammate Ashley Alexander whose family lives in New Orleans.

The Alexander's were planning to ride the storm out in their home but Ashley's mother got the feeling they should get out of town.

So at five o'clock Sunday morning, Jada and the Alexander's left New Orleans for Shreveport.

Jada Frazier said "Just looking back on the damage and everything that happened and if we hadn't left Sunday, it hit Monday. So,yea, I'm really, really glad she got us out of there."

New Orleans head coach Amy Champion did call Jada Thursday night and told her the team will play this season. She is also said the University is hoping that classes can resume on October 1st.

So for now Jada will stay at home where she will try to remain in playing shape.

When she does return to New Orleans, Jada believes she will most likely find her first floor apartment in the east section of town has been completely flooded.

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