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Dummy cop slows speeders

September 1, 2005

Dougherty County -- Dougherty County Police are using a real dummy, to convince speeding drivers slow down.

Meet Officer Radar, the newest weapon in the battle against speeders. The dummy officer was stationed beside Lover's Lane Road today, showing drivers exactly how fast they are going.

A radar gun shows the approaching car's speed on a message board, under the watchful eye of the dummy cop.

Lt. Tom Jackson said "It's an early warning. The next day there is going to be a live officer out here. And actually when this vehicle is out here, we're going to have our officers out aggressively enforcing the speed limit."

Officer Radar was donated by Darton College. The radar was donated by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, and the car is surplus, so the dummy cop warning patrol costs taxpayers almost nothing.

But he works, cars driving by while our camera was there slowed significantly as soon as they saw Officer Radar.

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