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Cops out in force for Labor Day

September 01, 2005

Beachton, Georgia-- Law enforcement agencies in Georgia and Florida are joining forces to save lives this labor day weekend. The "Hands Across the Border" campaign is designed to save lives on one of the deadliest travel days of the year.

Given the number of people traveling, Georgia State Patrol Trooper, Trevor Christensen, won't be cutting any slack. "One of the main reasons I'm out here is to keep your family, my family, everybody's family safe on these highways," he says.

Christensen's job is an ongoing process whose necessity is illustrated by a staggering statistic. Authorities say that the failure to wear seatbelts contributes to the majority of fatalities and serious injury crashes. The GSP predicts 19 crash-related deaths this weekend. But they're hoping to prevent as many as possible. "You can anticipate seeing road checks, aggressive seatbelt enforcement, and a lot of speed enforcement. And don't forget about the DUI patrols," says Trooper, Jamie Sullivan.

Equipment like mobile DUI checkpoints will help crack down on drunk drivers in both states. "We're giving our warnings out Thursday, no warnings this weekend," says Sullivan.

That's a stern warning now to avoid a worst case scenario this weekend. "It's all about saving lives. It's not to see how many tickets we can issue," says Sullivan. "We will be out there enforcing all the laws," adds Christensen.

Authorities will especially be enforcing the law ordering you to "move over" when they have someone pulled over. Figures show that 72 law enforcement officers were killed in traffic-related accidents last year. Several of them died because drivers didn't "move over."