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Moody helps with hurricane rescue efforts

September 1, 2005

Lowndes County - A C-130 from Moody Air Force Base is carrying hope to hurricane victims. "We'll be doing this for the next few days until we're sure that everyone who's in danger down there is safe," said Col. Joseph Callahan.

As one crew returns to Lowndes County, another heads back to the Gulf Coast. It's a search and rescue mission like most of these airmen have never seen before. "This is the worst I've ever seen, the devestation and the shear number of people in need is unbelievable," said Msgt. Mark Thompson.

But thanks to these men and women, many of those people will have a heroic story of survival. "We'll launch a helicopter out to that area with our pararescuemen, we'll use our hoist to bring them up into the helicopter and back to a safe area," said Callahan. 

In just their first 24 hours on the mission, crews from Moody rescued more than 220 people. "That's what this unit is designed to do, go out and find living people, get them safely back to friendly control," said Callahan.

It's not the war-time mission we often think of them in, but it's the type of work these guys train for everyday.  "It's really rewarding to be able to go out there and pick up some of your own countrymen and bring them back in, whether its in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Louisiana," said Callahan.

It's a dangerous, but rewarding mission that's giving hundreds of hurricane victims a second chance at life.



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