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Man killed in shooting

August 31, 2005

Colquitt, Georgia-- Crime scene tape marks the location of a deadly shooting at the Inland gas station in Colquitt. "I was like oh my goodness, a man just got killed," says witness, Lakesha Benton.

The altercation started around 10:00 Wednesday morning when two brothers began fighting with a third man. "They beat him. They beat him real bad," says Benton.

That man managed to escape and get a gun from his pickup truck by the gas pump. At least two shots were fired, one killing one of the brothers by their pickup. "He fell dead automatically. You could tell by the way he fell he was dead," says Benton.

The man was most likely killed with a shotgun, based on wadding marked at the scene. But the GBI can't confirm that yet. "Only thing I will tell you is it's a long gun," says agent, Dell Kirkland.

The GBI is questioning a suspect, but agents can't say who he is, whether he'll be charged, or with what, because this case is very much still under investigation. "We're talking with the district attorney's office to determine what charges will be forthcoming," says Kirkland.

No charges yet, or names. Only a crime scene, and a possibility for why this shooting happened. "There was a domestic disturbance earlier this week. It's under investigation at this time to find out the final details," says Kirkland. "Somebody slapped his daughter on the square one night this week. The fight started over that," adds Benton.

The victim's daughter and a possible case of road rage, the potential for what led to shots ringing out in an otherwise quiet town. "That doesn't happen here. This is a peaceful place," says Benton.

Case in point considering this is the first criminal shooting there in Colquitt in almost a decade.

Investigators won't confirm whether the confrontation on the square was, in fact, a case of road rage.


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