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Motorists line up for high gas

August 31, 2005

Albany-- People  are lining up at gas stations, worried that gas pumps will be cut off. That's just a rumor. The price of unleaded gas did shoot passed the three dollar mark today, and people are clammoring to fill up.

Governor Sonny Perdue called on Georgians to remain calm over rising gas prices and fears of short supplies. Perdue today called gas concerns "A temporary problem due to Hurricane Katrina."

He said the best response is to stay calm and conserve gas when possible. Perdue said one way for Georgians to help is to cancel any driving plans they might have for the Labor Day weekend and stay home with their families.

Perdue said gas distributors assured him they were working around the clock to restore service to two major gas pipelines that serve the state. But he added that another major source of supply through the Georgia ports hasn't been hampered.

 Perdue said he's had reports of some spot shortages at unbranded gas stations, but stressed he thinks whatever problems arise will be temporary.

The AP contributed to this report.


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