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New fire suits bought to protect firefighters

August 31, 2004

Albany -- Albany Firefighters all have new protective suits, which should help prevent injuries.

The new high tech protective suits were delivered and fitted this week. All 159 firefighters has their own fire suit.

They are made of a fire resistant material called P.B.I. Matrix. The suits are lighter and more water resistant than their old turn out gear.

New design features deliver a higher level of protection. Captain Ron Rowe said "When they put their jacket on, it allows extra protection on their hand as well as, when they crawl through structures or bump into things, it does not allow the sleeve to slide up the arm, to expose anything. You see it's attached to stay in place."

The new fire protective suits cost 212 thousand dollars, and were purchased with the aid of a homeland security grant. They are expected to last at least ten years.


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