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State moves to minimize gas price escalation

August 31, 2005
From the Governor's Office

ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that the state of Georgia is waiving gasoline regulations to help minimize gas price escalation and the potential supply issues associated with Hurricane Katrina.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it is important for the state to keep gas prices as low as possible for the people of Georgia and our economy,” said Governor Sonny Perdue.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) is waiving state requirements for higher additive gasoline required during the summer months until September 15. Waiving this requirement will allow gasoline suppliers to bring available gasoline into Georgia to help alleviate shortages and keep prices to a minimum.

“While the state's requirement for cleaner burning gasoline is an important part of the plan to improve air quality in metropolitan Atlanta , this emergency has occurred late in the smog season and easing our requirements will help ensure an adequate supply of gasoline for Georgians,” said EPD Director Carol Couch.

 The Governor’s Office and EPD will work with suppliers to bring available gas to the state as quickly as possible and to ensure that prices reflect its lower cost.

Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin said today that he would start the paperwork to allow Georgia to switch to higher vapor pressure gasoline 15 days early so the way will be cleared for any action needed by other state and federal agencies to prevent disruption of supplies caused from Hurricane Katrina.

Commissioner Irvin, as the state’s chief fuel inspector, issued an emergency rule change permitting the higher vapor pressure gasoline to be sold starting tomorrow instead of September 16th.

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