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Murdock ready to for his return to SGA

August 30, 2005

by Mike Shiers

Damascus - After 20 years coaching at Southwest Georgia Academy in Damascus, Bill Murdock packed his bags and moved to Dawson this year to become not only head coach of one of SGA's biggest rivals but also the headmaster at Terrell Academy.

Murdock will return to his former school on Friday night but will find himself in a strange position on a field where he has coached for two decades, the visitor's sidelines.

Murdock said "I coached over there one time, we had an inter-squad spring scrimmage, and I was the head coach of the team that's was on the other side, and that's the only time I've been over there."

When Murdock left SGA for Terrell Academy, the Warriors named one of his top assistants David Bell to succeed Murdock.

Bell has coached under Murdock for 11 years but says he believes his former boss did not teach him everything he knows.

David Bell said "Coach Murdock, he always draws in the dirt and makes up plays. He's gonna throw something new at us, I got a feeling."

If Murdock has some tricks up his sleeve,  he is keeping them to himself this week.

Bell said "I talked to him last week, and I don't think he wants to talk too much."

Murdock said "He's a good friend of mine, and we won't talk quite so much this week, but after Friday night everything will get back to normal."

The coaches say Friday's rivalry game should be pretty special.

Bell said "The kids think a lot of coach Murdock and his family, and they were a big part of SGA for so many years."

Murdock: "I got a lot of kids I coached down there, my whole life. David Bell and Max Evans are some of the best friends I've got. it'll be exciting to go down and play."

And Murdock says he'll be hoping for a wet field to slow down his former team Friday night.

Bill Murdock is unbeaten at Terrell Academy with two wins while David Bell is 1-1 in his first season as the Warriors head coach.


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