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Doctor wants to see house, patients

August 30, 2005

Albany - Heath and Jennifer Rochter, along with their daughter Delaney, drove to Leesburg Sunday to stay with his mother. He works as an Orthopedic surgery Resident in Charity hospital. Now, the family is stuck in South Georgia until roadways are clear enough to let them back into New Orleans.

They can't even take a helicopter into the city because private aircraft isn't allowed. Heath says, "We've actually talked to Mr. Bob Brooks here and he has offered us a helicopter to try to get us back, but we've got to get clearance to get the airspace, and that's apparently got to come from FEMA."

If he does receive clearance from FEMA, Heath will fly into New Orleans alone, and his wife and daughter may stay in Leesburg until New Orleans is in better condition.


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