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Ga. forestry business embarks for Gulf Coast

August 30, 2005

Valdosta, Ga. - One truckload of utility poles won't put a dent in the amount needed along the Gulf Coast, but it will bring some sense of relief to people left in the dark by Hurricane Katrina.

"I think this is just the tip of the iceberg," said Hugh Rowe, Sales Manager. "Right now I don't think they have any idea how many poles are going to be needed because they're still assessing the damage."

Whatever the number may be, Langdale Forest Products in Valdosta is ready to help. "We've already got commitments for around 50 truckloads to be shipped to Mississippi," said Rowe.

Add that to 20 truckloads they shipped to Florida after Katrina's first landfall. "We had those down and delivered Friday and Saturday over the weekend," said Rowe.

Langdale doesn't usually ship their poles to Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama, but because of all the damage Katrina caused, they've committed to give whatever help is needed. "Before this is over, the whole pole industry will be taxed out trying to supply poles," said Rowe.

Working overtime to meet the urgent need for their products isn't new territory for this company. They got plenty of practice during last year's hurricanes. "We probably were as busy during August and September of last year as we were any two month period in the history of the company," said Rowe.

And even though the storms bring new business, its work they'd rather do without. "That's the type of business that someone is hurt by and we honestly don't look forward to that," said Rowe.

But they'll take the orders as they come, and do all they can to bring life along the Gulf Coast back to normal.


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