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Hurricane Katrina brings higher gas prices

August 29, 2005

Albany-- If your car needs some gas, you might want to go fill up in a hurry before the prices at your favorite station spike. Prices jumped 15 to 20 cents a gallon at some stations in south Georgia Monday. 

On Monday in Albany, regular unleaded was going for as much as $2.78. Hurricane Katrina halted daily production of oil in the gulf causing prices to rise. Consumers rushed to the pumps today in fear that prices will be even higher tomorrow.

"I've got 16 gallons worth of gas and it's 47 dollars already. I don't think it can get much higher. That or we're going to start walking," says consumer Theresa Bell.

"I think we have to use it real wisely because if not, we'll be just wasting a lot of money just throwing it away," says consumer Jose Gonzalez. Triple A listed Monday's national average at $2.60 a gallon and the Georgia average of $2.54. Those will certainly go up but not every station raised prices Monday.

We went on a quest to find the cheapest gas in the area and apparently so did others. The cheapest we found Monday was at the Roadrunner on Sylvester Road. Folks there paid $2.49 a gallon for gas. At the Walmart on Ledo Road, drivers were relieved to see gas at $2.57 a gallon. Drivers like Steve Cox did a little comparison shopping at a few stations before stopping to fill up.

"Most of the places around town already went up about 20 something cents a gallon so we happened to find this which is still around about $2.50," says Cox. Customers say every little bit counts when it comes to the rising prices.



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