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Georgia Home Depot delivers hurricane help

August 29, 2005

Albany - The Albany Home Depot store was supposed to receive a new shipment of generators after Hurricane Dennis, but when Katrina began brewing in the gulf, that shipment was sent to aid hurricane victims.

Home Depot employees are also gearing up to assist hurricane victims. Later this week a bus full of employees from around Georgia will travel to Louisiana to help with cleanup efforts.

Paul Spratlin says, "Home Depot is just trying to help people that need it. We're sending two or three waves of people to Louisiana. They're going on a volunteer basis. They're leaving, the first wave leaves Atlanta in the morning I believe, and like I said, we're just going to try to help the people out."

Although the employees are going on a volunteer basis, Home Depot will still pay them their regular wages while they are assisting hurricane victims.


Are you planning to volunteer your time for the cleanup effort? Let us know:

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