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Gulfport Evacuee fears worst

August 29, 2005

Albany - Billy Bova makes calls back home trying to speak to anyone who can tell him what condition his house is in. He says, "Not looking good in South Mississippi right now. There was one little piece of awning left and he picked it up and dragged it back into his garage."

His neighbor chose to ride out the storm back in Gulfport and has been filling him in on how his own home faired, but Billy didn't take any chances with his life, or anyone else's. "We just figured that this one was the big one and it was time to go," says Bova.

A big storm, that packed an even bigger punch. Of his neighbor, Bova says, "He said along about 6:30, 7:00, he estimated wind gusts of 100 miles per hour plus were coming through and that's when he started hearing tree limbs popping, he had neighbors trash cans that hadn't been secured blowing against the house."

A house Bova hopes to go back to soon, but he may not be able to for quite some time. He says, "I'm afraid of not being able to get back into my neighborhood. I don't know if the roads will be passable even to get back in the city limits of Gulfport."

And it will take days just to be able to assess initial damage, which may have occurred to the roads some of the evacuees will try to take to get back home.



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