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Fire sparked by overworked air conditioner

August 29, 2005

Albany -- An overworked air conditioner sparks a fire at a South Albany public housing unit.

 Three apartments were damaged, forcing two families to move out of their homes. The fire started Monday morning in an Albany Homes center at 7:05 North Madison.

 Fire Investigators say the electrical outlet with an air conditioner plugged into it shorted out, catching the wall and a chair on fire.

Rita Starling and her three children were in the apartment when the blaze started, but escaped without injury. Albany Interim Fire Chief James Carswell said "There was a two year old asleep on the couch in the same room, where the air conditioner was. The mother came back to check on the air conditioner because it had shutoff. When she entered the room, she noticed the fire, and got her child and got out of the house."

Firefighters say three apartments suffered smoke or fire damage. Two families were displaced by the fire.


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