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Environmental study of mule barn needed

August 29, 2005

Albany - The fight to save the old mule barn in downtown Albany is getting more expensive. County commissioners are considering spending about $25,000 for an environmental assessment of the barn.

There used to be an automotive shop in the barn, and oil and other chemicals were left behind. Earlier this month, the landmark was condemned after a structural analysis revealed it was in horrible shape. However, some county commissioners still want to save the barn.

"There are very few buildings like this left in southwest Georgia or quite frankly, in America. It's our responsibility to try to preserve this," said Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

"We do know that there are oils, anti-freezes, and other contaminates there. It's just to what extent those contaminates might be," said Interim Planning and Zoning Director Tracey Hester.

The Albany Museum of Art hoped to make the building its new home. but it could cost one-million dollars just to stabilize it before renovations.

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