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Georgia Power crews head to help Katrina victims

August 29, 2005

Albany -- Emergency power crews are preparing to move into the areas after Hurricane Katrina blows through.

45 Georgia Power linemen from across South Georgia gathered in Albany Monday morning, getting ready to head toward affected parts of Mississippi.

They packed their trucks with supplies and equipment needed to deal with downed lines and power poles.

The South Georgia team will have linemen from Tifton, Valdosta, Bainbridge, Cuthbert, and Albany. Like Julian Powell, they are all volunteers, ready to help storm victims get their electricity back as soon as possible. Powell said "They really need our help. Being without power. I think about my wife and two small children at home. You have to think about people in those situations who don't have power. And need it, with small children. That's a need."

The Georgia Power crews will meet outside Pensacola this afternoon. Then they will be dispatched to areas where they are needed most after Hurricane Katrina blows through.

These linemen were told to prepare to stay in the Hurricane zone at least two weeks.


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