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Evacuees find refuge in Albany

August 29, 2005

Albany- As Hurricane Katrina continues to effect those in harm's way, forcing them to seek shelter even right here in Albany.

People like James Smith who evacuated from Pascagoula, Mississippi, drove almost 12 hours to get here to safety.

"This time was more serious than before and we packed up and left," says  Smith.

The Holiday Inn stayed busy throughout the night and was at 94% capacity when we were there at 7:00AM. Guest operations manager Barry Richardson says, "This isn't what I expected. I thought there would be more people."

Most people are advised to get directions before they leave home because the hotel staff is spending a lot of time talking to customers over the phone about directions.

Richardson also recommends that people call ahead and says a lot of people are not using the Internet and instead are calling in advance and wanting to speak with a live voice to ensure they have a room.

"We keep the people that come here in our prayers because we know that they have alot on their minds," says office manager Barry Richardson.

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