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Katrina could cause gas prices to rise

August 28, 2005

Albany- The effects of Hurricane Katrina on oil production could also raise the price at the pumps in South Georgia. Oil companies have stopped one million barrels of daily production in the gulf. That, could put a limit on the amount of gasoline coming to other areas of the country, including South Georgia.

 In the last several weeks, gasoline prices have steadily increased to $2.53 and now with a supply interruption local station managers say it could climb higher.

"Anytime you interrupt the supply chain, which might happen with the hurricane, you can expect the possibility for a short time surge, but hopefully it won't have any long term affects," said Joel Cawthon, Manager of the Shell station along Old Dawson Road.

Station owners suggest filling your tank in the next day or two to get the lower price. The average cost for a gallon of gasoline in Georgia is $2.55.

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