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Katrina refugees find shelter in Albany

August 28, 2005

Albany- Roadways out of New Orleans were bumper to bumper, but Pearl Mullen missed much of the traffic with an early morning start, around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

"The mayor was on TV practically all night Saturday night and he and all the other authorities of New Orleans were suggesting that everyone leave," said Mullen.

She packed her bags after finding a room at the Hampton Inn, here in Albany.

"I was on the Internet for about five or six hours last night, trying to book a hotel room, this is the closest hotel I could get," said Pearl.

Arriving safely in Albany Sunday afternoon, Pearl's first order of business was to check with other family members also trying to escape Katrina's fury.

"They all have cell phones and we will be in contact, to be sure that everyone arrives safely at their destination," said Mullen.

Much of Pearl's family traveled to Baton Rouge, but she didn't feel that was far enough away from the damage Katrina may bring.

"My concern is I hope all of my family members are out of there and as far as the house, you know that can be replaced, lives can not," said Pearl.

As Katrina prepares to make landfall, Pearl will keep a close eye on the storm from a safe distance wondering when she can return home.

"Hopefully I can check out of here on Tuesday morning, I really don't know it all depends upon the devastation we have," said Mullen.

While she's waiting for the time she can make the eight hour journey home, Pearl plans to visit in Albany where she lived many years ago.

"I would prefer not to be here at this time for this reason, but you know since it happened that way, I'll make the best of it," said Pearl.

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