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Help for Parents

August 27, 2005

Albany- They're cute, fun, and a joy to parents but, Oh, Baby is there a lot to learn when it comes to having and raising a child.

"We really don't come with a manual so parenting is kind of a learn on the job experience and there are lots of resources," said Rose McKelvie, of Phoebe Putney Hospital.

Phoebe Putney sponsored the "Oh, Baby Pregnancy and Parenting Fair" offering over 30 booths of information for parents who say every bit helps.

"I got one and another one on the way so it helps out," said Rachel Jacques of Sylvester.

The biggest problem many parents expressed is keeping their kids safe especially when they're on the go, so there were demonstrations.

"What parents many times don't realize is that a seat shouldn't move more than and inch front to back or an inch side to side," said Michele DeMott, Albany Safe Communities.

"That's my main concern, I always buckle them in wrong," said Jacques.

What can be a stressful time for moms doesn't have to be. "The stresses that are one your body, you want to learn how to relieve that stress and Yoga and let you help learn to breathe and relax when your under tension," said Jackie Dixon, of Kia Yoga.

"That was pretty interesting, they tell you what moves you can do if you have any injuries prior to pregnancy, what you can do while your pregnant and what you can't do," said Jennifer Rivera of Albany.

Phoebe believes it's important for parents to learn as much information as possible.

"From even before you have your baby you want to be healthy, be sure you see your doctor and he can help, or he or she can help guide you," said McKelvie.

If you didn't make it to Saturday's parenting fair and are looking for more information and resources, you can contact Phoebe Putney's ChildBirth Center.



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