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Hurricane Dennis flood victims keep close eye on Katrina

August 26, 2005

Sylvester- Ricky Adams is just getting back to his normal routine of tending to his lawn. For weeks he and at least one hundred other homeowners have been trying to clean up the mess left by Hurricane Dennis.

"I replaced my whole floors," he says.

Three inches of flood water filled his Anderson Street home last month. He's praying it will stay dry as Katrina passes through.

"If I get any more like that, there's nothing else I can do. That's would just be a lost cause. It would have gotten wet too much," says Adams.

Adams isn't the only one frightened by the potential path of Katrina.

"I'm going to keep my eye out. I'm not buying anything else. I'm scared," says Calton Cherry.

Calton Cherry had just installed new carpet in his Young Street home, when floodwaters ruined it. He also just finished cleaning up the mess, but is finding it hard to stay optimistic about dodging Katrina.

"It rained the other night and to tell you the truth the water got kind of full again," he says.

Some drainage ditches and rights-of-way are still full of damaged furniture and items washed from homes, and now that Katrina is on her way city public works crews aren't wasting any time clearing them, but Cherry is disappointed in their progress.

"See how water just sits there. It's just sits there and people ride by, but they're not doing anything," says Cherry.

But both Cherry and Adams say they won't take their eyes off the storm and won't stop praying until Katrina passes by.

Emergency management officials are also keeping a close eye on Katrina's path and are urging everyone to stay tuned to weather reports and be prepared for possible flash flooding and high winds.


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