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Barber robbed, wants help

August 26, 2005

Albany-- An East Albany businessman says crime is overrunning his neighborhood.

The 75-year-old barber fought an armed robber last night, after he was jumped by a man with a gun as he walked from his East Albany barber shop to his car. "He said 'Give me your money, or I'll kill you!'"

Hatcher said crime and gangs are taking over in East Albany, and he is ready to fight back.

Hatcher said the teenager came up behind him, but obviously had a toy gun. "I didn't want to turn my money loose, just give it to somebody, if I thought it was a real pistol," Hatcher said.

The barber had about $300 he had earned that day, and was not going to just give it up. The teenage robber finally got his money. Jack ended up with a bloody elbow. "It's sore but I can still cut hair with it."

Now Hatcher is mad, because he says gangs and criminals are taking over the community he has worked in for 20 years. "It's everyday, Everyday a police car is chasing somebody around here," Hatcher said.

Hatcher says the problem is many of the people who live in mobile homes behind the shopping center where his barber shop is located. Hatcher said "It's just full of drugs over there. People trying to get up money anyway they can to get another fix."

Hatcher said just look at Thursday. The Title Max a couple of blocks away was robbed by a man with a stick around noon. Then he was robbed.

Hatcher says East Albany needs help. "This part of the town is the worst in the world. And the least Police." He says the East Albany businesses need more Police in the area to stop their violent crime problem.

Jack Hatcher says he will have extra security help him get his money to the bank from now on.


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