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Albany braces for another hurricane

August 26, 2005

Albany-- We've learned they best way to handle these tropical storms and hurricanes is to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. And that's exactly what the city of Albany is doing now.

Albany public works crews spent today cleaning out catch basins and sewer lines and lowering holding ponds, so the stormwater system can handle extra rain.

"Most of our holding ponds have the capacity to handle a two or three inch rain," said Albany Public Works Director Phil Roberson. "When it starts getting over that four inch mark, we start having some real serious problems like localized flooding."

Roberson says if Katrina continues on her current path, Albany could get doused with four to eight inches of rain. "We've got to prepare for the worst."

The city is packing sandbags to hand out Monday, just in case the localized flooding threatens homes. "We will have a limited amount of sandbags available here at public works. We're making them now as we speak."

Roberson briefed public works division leaders about the hurricane this afternoon. "The news is really not good. Actually, it's increased in speed."

But the crews out in the field know how to prepare and deal with torrential rain, flooding, high winds, and storm damage. It's a lesson they, like everyone in southwest Georgia, have learned the hard way as another eventful tropical storm season continues.

Georgia Power is also monitoring Katrina. A company spokesperson said they'll know more in the next 24 hours about where they will send additional crews.


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