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Groundbreaking QB mentors collegians

August 25, 2005

Albany- Albany State University football players posed for a snapshot with Marlin Briscoe, the first black starting quarterback in the pros.

"All of us face obstacles and all of us have to make decisions about those obstacles and where we go from there," says Briscoe.

After a serious neck injury during college, Briscoe was told his sports career was over, but he persevered and two years later was drafted by the Denver Broncos and was even a member of the 1972 Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins team.

"That's the message never give up because you're going to have problems in life and you're going to have some decisions that are going to change your life forever. So, whatever those decisions are make sure you stand up to them," Briscoe says.

Just weeks from his 60th birthday, he urges the members of the Albany State Rams to do their best to tackle any challenge, but also make education a priority even if that means putting football on the back burner. It's a message players say they are taking to heart.

"It made me realize that my education is way more important than my sports career and that will last way long than my sports career will," says right receiver James Wilson.

"Everything he said was true because there's nothing ever promised in life, you're not guaranteed tomorrow," adds offensive lineman Yancey Reynolds.

While Briscoe says his achievements are important, he says his education is what's kept him successful.

Briscoe is now living in his home state of California. He does some coaching, but spends most of his time working with youth at the Boys and Girls Club in Watts.