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Manners For The Mindful

August 25, 2005

Albany- Do you eat salad before or after dinner? What about that piece of bread on your plate, do you break it up or eat it whole? Questions like these are just the tip of the iceberg and although fine dining can be fun, sometimes it can be intimidating.

That's when Mary Houston of Scrumptious Strawberry Events steps in. "Knowing proper etiquette is important for when you go out." So we asked her some tips that could help those nervous about fine dining. Houston says,"When eating start using outside utensils and them move inward."

Houston says, "Thomas Jefferson brought fine dining from Europe to the United States and in ultra fine dining people eat the salad after the main entree meal." Below are some tips Houston says should come in handy for that fine dining experience.

"Always pass the salt and pepper shaker together. Never cut your steak into tiny pieces but instead cut into main pieces to eat. RSVP means please respond and is a french acronym so if people take time out to invite you then you should take the time to respond to their invitation."

Houston says for more information about her business you can visit her website at or call her at 229-446-1355.


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