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Soldier asks for support

August 24, 2005

Moultrie -  Husbands, sons, fathers and friends have been lost in the war effort, five of them from South Georgia. Now, a commander of one company is home, enjoying time with his family and pleading with South Georgians not to forget those overseas.

In just six days, First Sergeant Kevin Roberts lost eight men under his command. All killed while trying to protect their homeland. Now, Roberts is asking for support of all military person ell serving, even if you don't support the war.

Four yellow Rose bushes are planted in First Sergeant Kevin Roberts yard. His wife Lisa planted one every month since his deployment to Iraq. Soon there will be eight new rose bushes, in honor of the fallen soldiers from his company.

He says, "I'm real proud of those soldiers, those soldiers paid the ultimate price for their country and every one of us that go over there know what the ultimate price can be."

And they're not alone. The spouses of the soldiers also know what that price can be. Lisa Roberts says, "I fall apart. It's hard. The hardest part is hearing it on the news and then we have to wait."

Wait to hear their loved one is okay, and wait to see them again, which for Lisa, "It's been wonderful. That was the best day of my life seeing h8im walk up that corridor from the airport in Atlanta that day."

Since her husband has been home, he's been busy. He bought a new lawnmower and put it to work, built a shed in the back yard, and that's not all. Roberts says, "As recently as 10 O'clock last night, we built this roof over my porch and dried it in and shingled it and as early as this morning we painted this whole porch pretty much."

But his work on the home front is almost complete, and Friday, he'll be going back to Iraq. But before he goes, he wants to send a message: Don't forget about those serving in the war. He says, "Four years [after 9/11] it's starting to dwindle down, but there is still a war going on over there, people getting killed everyday."

That's why he feels the need to go back. He says, "I don't want to leave my family, but they're behind me, they know I've still got a job to do. I've got 8 months left. Pretty much leaving one family to go back to another family."

First Sergeant Roberts asked me to thank everyone for all the support they've given the 48th Brigade and other military person ell, but asks for continued support through prayers and displays, like hanging yellow bows and ribbons and proudly displaying the American Flag.

When the Moultrie Garden club heard Roberts planned to plant a rose garden in memory of the 8 fallen soldiers, they contacted him and said they will plant them for him while he is deployed.


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