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Lee County will soon lift building moratorium

August 23, 2005

Leesburg - Lee County leaders are closer to changing construction rules so that big building projects can start up again.

The Lee County Planning Commission got public input on several dozen proposed code changes Tuesday night.

The county put a moratorium on sub-division projects back in May.

Leaders want to regulate those major residential developments and make sure Lee County can handle its rapid growth.

"There's two main areas. I think one of them is aesthetics or how a subdivision looks. There are things like tightening up on junk cars, making sure when you go down the street you don't have five or six of the same looking house in a row," says Lee County Administrator Langford Holbrook.

The amendments also deal with site construction issues such as engineering design to prevent flooding and mandating sidewalks in large developments.

The county commission must also get input on the changes.

They hope to give final approval to the new codes on September 19th, the day before the building moratorium is set to expire.


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