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Family reacts to murder arrest

August 23, 2005

Albany-- Carrie Kendrick holds the only living reminder of her 14-year-old great grandson Ikeem Kendrick, his little sister Blessing Kendrick.

"This is my little precious," says Kendrick. She's only 4 and her brother Ikeem was only 14 when he was gunned down outside his home on Avalon in June. The suspect is a young man the family considered a friend. "He called him to the car out there and when Ikeem turned around to come home, he popped him with the bullet," says Kendrick.

18-year-old Ronald King is now in custody for the murder. He was arrested in Pinellas County, Florida August 12th after a chase in a stolen car. Deputies there say they immediately notified Albany police. The family was officially notified of the arrest Tuesday. Now, they say they just want justice served.

"Right now I can't say what may happen to him but I'll tell you what I do want to happen to him. Stay out there on Blaylock until the day he die, until the day he die," says Kendrick. The family says knowing that King is off the street makes them feel a bit of relief.

"There is some closure to it but my nephew is gone but I'm glad they did catch him," says Ikeem's aunt Julia McCoy. They still want answers. "Yeah, why did he do it?," says Kendrick. Ikeem's great-grandmother will wait for the day she finds out the truth for herself and Ikeem's sister.

"Everytime she'll wake up, she'll speak about her brother, her brother," says Kendrick. Carrie Kendrick will keep holding on to the precious reminder of a young boy she considered a son. "And I love her. I love her just like I loved Ikeem," says Kendrick.

Albany Police say King should be extradited from Florida by Wednesday. He'll face a charge for murder as well as a previous charge of motor vehicle theft.



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