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Sporty Stamps on Sale

August 23, 2005

Moultrie - For the release of the stamps this week, some of those cars were on display in Moultrie with a 50's style party. "Today is the unveiling of what we're calling classic car, or sporty car stamps," says Postmaster Bobby Johnson, who today is dressed as Elvis.

What better way to show off sporty car stamps, than with sporty cars? Johnson says, "Moultrie and Colquitt County are the car capital of South Georgia where all the car swap meets take place. We decided it would be a good time to display our cars and would be a good way sell stamps."

And a good reason for a 50's style party. In addition to Elvis showing off moves, there were women in poodle skirts singing karaoke, and, the incredible Marilyn Monroe (Gail Johnson).

She says, "Just to show excitement of new stamps coming out and just let people be aware of it so they would come out and maybe purchase them." But even if you don't need stamps today, she adds, "It's a lot of fun and just to look at the cars." Classic cars of yesteryear, on their way into the future.

The stamps were just released yesterday, but postmaster Bobby Johnson, A.K.A Elvis, says they already had to put in another order because they have been so popular.


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