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Transportation improvements for Lowndes

August 23, 2005

Valdosta - Lowndes County is growing every day, and so are its traffic counts. "We need to identify how we're going to keep up with that congestion and growth," said Daniel McGee, Transportation Planner.

So transportation planners have developed a new metropolitan traffic plan. It includes 34 different improvements worth nearly $160 million. "We've outlined a variety of projects to improve transportation up to the year 2030," said McGee.

Motorists will be glad to hear that the plan includes adding overpasses at the railroad crossings on Hill Street and St. Augustine.  "They cause major traffic delays in our community and also emergency responders can't get to victims as quickly if they're being impeded by these types of delays," said McGee.

There're also plans to alleviate congestion around the mall and Interstate area. "A possible Baytree extension to I-75 and a flyover bridge connector with James Road and opening up that corridor for future development," said McGee.

Widening roads and adding new traffic signals will make traveling around Lowndes County much safer. "We're planning to put up a signal at Highway 94 and Inner Perimeter Road, because it's a very dangerous intersection," said McGee.

But before all these plans can be put into action, the R.D.C. wants to know what you think. "Its the public that actually utilizes these roadways, and these are the projects that are going to provide them with safer and more efficient traffic routes," said McGee.

A public hearing will be held September 15th. The plans will be adopted or modified on September 20th.


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