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Pinching pennies at the pump

August 23, 2005

Albany - Gas prices went up more than 30-cents in the last month. The average cost of unleaded here in Albany today is $2.54 a gallon. 

 If you're looking for a price break, you may want to consider a gas credit card.  Check around for additional specials offered at convenience stores, like the Flash Foods Rewards Card. The free card allows customers to get different deals each month. This month, you'll save three cents on gas. We found the best deal at Shell. If you have a Shell Mastercard, you get a five percent rebate on gas. Today, that would've saved you 12 cents a gallon on unleaded at one station on Old Dawson Road.

You can also earn gas rebates with other credit card purchases. Some major credit card companies, like VISA and CHASE, offer gas reward programs. The best place to search for those is on the companies' websites.

Next time you take a trip to Wal-mart, you may to fill up the tank. You can save three cents a gallon at most Wal-mart and Sam's Club stores by using a gift card or a Wal-mart credit card. Companies, like Chevron and BP-Amoco, offer credit cards, but, they don't save on gas. Some companies also offer specials on premium gas once a week. You can save seven cents a gallon on premium at Enmark on Tuesdays and 10 cents a gallon on the high grade on Fridays at Woodall's in Albany.

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