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Students heat up on scorching days

August 22, 2005

Albany - Mush of south Georgia was under a heat advisory Monday, which means the heat index was 110 degrees or higher for at least two hours. Some of you may remember going to school without air conditioning, but most kids nowadays are accustomed to AC. So when they do have to go outside, it's pretty unbearable. To keep kids as comfortable and safe as possible the schools take a few extra precautions when it's this hot outside.

The air conditioning was flowing as fast as the music inside the Westover High School band room Monday morning. But after school, the band members moved practice outdoors.

"You've been inside all day and so when you got out their, it hits you in your face," said band member Joanna Cheatham.

The heat and humidity is almost suffocating, but the half-time show must go on. Band member Evander Rhey, "We take more frequent water breaks, and we encourage everybody to wear white t-shirts so it won't be as hot out there."

Students strip off their school clothes before marching onto the field. "Tank tops, white t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, hats, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen - whatever you think is going to keep you cooler," said Cheatham.

And the band director repeatedly tells the students, "Make sure you eat a good lunch, potato chips and soda doesn't replace anything. Make sure you drink water, powerade, gatorade," said Cheatam.

The water coolers empty fast on blazing afternoons. A makeshift sprinkler system has become the hottest spot to cool off.

"You can drink it or run through it. I prefer to run through it," said Ikeisha Williams with a laugh. The wetter you are, the better these students say because when the drum majors yell, it's time to play again.

Students say Friday night football games make these unbearably hot practices worth the effort. One student said to be the "Best band in the Land" you've got to take a little heat.



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