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Community gives support in the form of prayer

August 21, 2005

Albany-- At First United Methodist Church in Albany, many gathered to pray for the troops and families of Georgia's National Guard.

"Because there's fear, because there's separation, because there's loss and all of that means that we should pull together," says Reverend Mike McAfee of First United. They're pulling together for the fallen soldiers and showing support for the current and future servicemen and women. Sgt. Mark Hollingsworth is home on a fifteen day leave.

"It feels good to be home. I'm glad to be spending time with the family before going back," says Hollingsworth. He goes back on Tuesday and he says a prayer service is just what he and the rest of the 48th needs especially with the recent deaths from combat and crashes.

"Anytime you lose any comrade brothers or sisters over there, your morale starts to drop but it's picking back up," says Hollingsworth. He and his family came to the church for a boost but they're no strangers to faith. "We pray all the time, me and the kids so that's something we do everyday," says Kelly Hollingsworth.

They say that's what brought Mark home this time. "Feels great, just don't know the joy. But the thing is going back. That's the hardest," says Kelly. Although it's hard, they say faith is what will give them the strength to send him back again.

"It really doesn't matter what you think about the war itself. These are our brothers and sisters, our family members, our church members and we need to be in prayer and support of them," says Reverend McAfee. Reverend McAfee feels prayer is the key. "I believe it makes a difference."

It unites families here in South Georgia with their loved ones overseas.



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