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Grady County turns 100

August 20, 2005

Cairo-- Grady County citizens are traveling through 100 years of history.

"We're celebrating our 100 years of existence," says county commissioner Elwyn Childs. For a good Grady County history lesson, all you have to do is ask resident Sara Crew. "I've been in Whigham for fifty-something years, about fifty-two years, long time," says Crew.

She's seen many changes since she grew up in the county. "A lot of changes. They're all for the better we feel like," says Crew. A parade down memory lane is causing her to reminisce about the previous days. "I'm getting pretty old but atleast I'll have that to remember," says Crew.

Although it's a trip down memory lane for Crew, it's providing new history lessons for younger generations. "I didn't know it had so much history but it's nice," says resident Jennifer Harding.  Jennifer Harding is in her twenties but she found her own history to pass on during the centennial parade.

"I get really excited when I see the band because I can say 'mama used to play in there babies," says Harding. But the history all began 100 years ago, and everyone is getting a glimpse into the past. "The county commissioners and lots of other people tried to dress the way they did in 1905," says Childs.

"Back when the county was founded. Of course that was a little bit before my day," says Crew.

And another ten decades from now, a little piece of today's history will be present. "You'll have to come see that. I won't be here for that one but you'll have to come see that one," says Crew.



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