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Moody fun fair welcomes military

August 19, 2005

Lowndes County - While Shalece Mendez's husband is helping fight the war on terror, she's left back at home to take care of the finances, and other day to day duties on her own. "It's been a challenge with him being gone, he's a really big help," said Mendez.

But Shalece is learning that there's all kind of resources to help her at the Moody Fun Fair. "Especially in the military, you need to have the community behind you," said Mendez.

From health care services to real estate, shopping options, and educational opportunities, 85 vendors are on hand to show what Lowndes County has to offer. They're even teaching some important safety lessons, like how to put out fires. "Every time you turn around Valdosta and the community are looking out for us and showing us that we're part of their family," said Steve Barnes.

Knowing his wife is taking part in events like this help Shalece's husband focus on the mission while he's deployed. "He needs to know that I'm being taken care of and supported," said Mendez.

Supported by a community that's doing everything possible to make this place feel more like home.