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Saudi Arabia fights propaganda war for American trust

August 18, 2005

Albany -- The Saudi Arabian government wants to make sure Americans think of their country as allies in the war on Terrorism, and not as an enemy of the United States. To get that message out, they are paying a former Presidential advisor on international policy to travel the country speaking to American business clubs.

 His message is al-Qaida is trying to build distrust between the Saudi's and the United States. An expert on national security policy, Dr. Frank Richter, told the Albany Rotary Club that al-Qaida wants to drive a wedge between the American people and Saudi Arabia.

 Richter said "They want to sever them and make them hate Arabs and Muslims." Richter says al-Qaida purposely used mostly Saudi nationals as the 9-11 attackers, in their quest to topple the Saudi government. Richter said "That America may not defend Saudi Arabia in the future. Then the al-Qaida hoped it could take over Saudi Arabia and have command of one quarter of the world's oil wealth."

Richter said Saudi Arabia is doing what they can to help stabilize skyrocketing oil prices from the Middle East, but that they can not control OPEC.

Richter said he expects the price of gasoline to explode, because of a coming confrontation with Iran. Richter said "If the Iranian oil goes off the market, either voluntarily or it's knocked off the market in someway, the price is going to shoot sky high."

Dr. Richter said his travel expenses are paid by Saudi Arabia through an American Public Relations firm. But Richter said the Saudi's do not tell him what to say, and only became interested in sponsoring him, after hearing his true pro-Saudi beliefs.


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