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Crisp County turns 100, gets 60 million

August 17, 2005

Cordele- Crisp County celebrates 100 years with a huge financial gift that will help future development.

Community members gathered in Cordele for the Crisp County Centennial celebration, Wednesday afternoon. The county got two special presents. A $500,000 Community Development Block Grant will help people in Cordele. Representatives from the US Department of Agriculture showed up with a $60,000,000 Empowerment Zone grant.

"The $500,000 community development block grant will be used to improve the water problem that we have in North Cordele. The other gift that we got the $60,000,000 that we share with Dooley County will create jobs and bring more opportunities to the citizens of Crisp County," said Joyce Pheil, Crisp Co. Commissioner.

Crisp and Dooley Counties will evenly split the empowerment zone money to attract new businesses and big corporations.


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