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Windsor Hotel wins blue ribbon for Georgia

August 17, 2005

Americus-David Burgamy knows the historic Windsor Hotel has a lot to offer.

"The 53 rooms are all different, so you can stay 53 nights and experience something different each time," Burgamy said.

That's part of the charm of the 113-year-old downtown hotel and part of the reason Turner South television crews are here to find out everything about its past. The Blue Ribbon show featuring the Windsor Hotel is expected to air sometime next year.

"This hotel is so rich in history," said Kathleen Wells. "I mean two presidents have been here."

That would be Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter. But guests say more than that brings people in. Wells wrote "Georgia's Ghostly Getaways," which features the Windsor. She's in town for the Turner South shoot, to share what she loves about these old walls.

"To me it's the kind of architecture that's the best of the Victorian era," she said.

"But I believe it's the friendliness of the people," Burgamy said. "The staff bend over backwards to make the guests feel special here."

Maybe that's why people want to stay.

"I won't get rich working in the hospitality industry, but sometimes when you enjoy the job, that's more important than making the money," he said.

So instead of making millions, Burgamy spends his days welcoming guests into the rich history of the Windsor Hotel.

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