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Skull discovered under house

August 17, 2005

Moultrie - Two six year old boys made the frightening discovery. Underneath the house at 404 East Central Avenue, lies a 6 year old boys dream of a playground. There are places to crawl in the dirt, toys to play with, and the unknown to explore, but on Tuesday, that exploration revealed a human skull.

Linda Turner, who lives in the house, says, "It's like living on a graveyard, and you don't even know it. (Is it scary?) Yes, it's scary."

She said she looked out the window and made a frightening discovery of her own. "All kind of police and investigators. A crowd, people come from all around when something's going on, and I'm in the house and didn't know what was going on, and when I looked out, that's when I saw everybody out here," says Linda.

That's when investigators removed the skull. Police say it appears the skull has been there for a while, but no other body parts were found. Linda says, "Had to of happened years ago."

It's unknown who's skull it was, how it got there, or if foul play was a factor in the person's death, but neighbors hope the mystery will soon be solved.

The skull has been sent to the GBI crime lab for testing to determine the sex, race, and age, and ultimately who the person was.