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A possible solution to high gas prices

August 17, 2005

By: Jim Snyder

Undated--Dave Dufort just found out that his mini van can run on ethanol.

About ten thousand cars in Las Vegas can already run on E85. A blend of grain alcohol and gasoline. The bad news for Dave is that he's already filled up with gas. Instead of paying two dollars and forty-eight cents for gas, he could have only paid a dollar ninety-nine for E85.

That's ok though, E85 will still be here. That's because Huey's Mart owner Hugh Canady wants to do his part to clean up the air around Las Vegas.

Not every car runs on a can of corn, but it's easy to find out if yours does. There might be a sticker like this one right by your gas cap.

If you don't see the sticker, you can check your vehicle identification number. Auto manufacturers put in a code at the 2nd, 3rd, and 8th digit that let's you know if your car is a flexible fuel vehicle. You can cross reference those numbers on the E85 fuel web site. Huey's Mart is the first station in the state of Nevada to sell E85 fuel. It's more commonly sold in midwestern states, but Hugh is hoping more stations in Las Vegas will sign on and start selling ethanol based gas.

One of the things you should know about E85 is that you won't get better fuel economy than unleaded gas. Depending on your car, your miles per gallon should stay the same or even drop as low as 18 percent.

Click here to find out if your car is E85 compatible and to find a list of stores that carry it.

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