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Freshman induction

August 16, 2005

Albany - Freshman Ambassador Orson Burton, Jr., speaks to incoming freshmen about the challenges they may face in high school, and how to overcome those challenges by setting goals. He says, "Whatever that positive goal is, they should stay focused on that goal and if they're truly focused on that goal, they won't have time for anything else."

Burton told students to light their own paths, and not let anything get in the way. That's a message Shameca Williams took to heart. She says, "There's nothing that you can't do. If you have a goal. You need to start from 9th grade and work towards it."

And by inducting freshman into high school, they now know they have people on their side, cheering them on. Orson says, "Now that they've been inducted, they can feel a part of the high school."

A school that has been more accepting, than 9th grader, Janay Drummer thought it would be. She says upperclassmen aren't so bad. "They treated me nice. Better than I expected," says Janay.

And some of them, like Orson, will pass along words of wisdom, they've picked up during their high school career. He instructs them to, "Do your work, don't fall into the peer pressure, rise above everything negative, stay positive." In hopes these freshmen will be sure to have a positive future.


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