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Students mourn classmate

August 16, 2005

Donalsonville-- The flags are at half staff outside Seminole County High School.

It was blazing hot when Bryan Register collapsed Monday afternoon. But his cause of death won't be known until after an autopsy.

"We're just trying to make sure we're all okay," says Senior, Kyle Dekle. Dekle was friends with Register, a 16-year-old cross country runner who collapsed and died during practice. "He enjoyed it. He enjoyed life," says Dekle.

The camaraderie in the halls shows the students enjoyed Register. "He was just fun to be with, and it's just going to be hard not having him here," says Dekle.

Register collapsed less than three tenths of a mile from school, and less than three minutes into practice, hardly enough time for a track runner to even get warmed up. That's why school officials don't want to speculate on what may have happened. "I don't think we can say he got overheated or anything like that. We're really not sure what happened," says Principal, Monroe Bonner.

The students aren't sure what happened either, but the autopsy doctors are performing might reveal the answer. However, the answer won't heal the pain. "It's hard not to see his face walking down the hall. He's supposed to be there," says Bonner.

That difficulty is proven by the school's outpouring of emotion to the single mother of an only child. "If there was a parenting class, his mother could obviously teach it because she raised a really nice young man," says Bonner. "She must be a very wonderful lady if she could put out a son like that. We're all behind her one hundred percent, anything she needs," adds Dekle.

Students plan on holding a memorial service for Register Tuesday evening. School officials aren't sure when his actual memorial service will be held.


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